2019 Competition Rules

(UPDATED 22/2/2019)

  1. Entry fee will be Eighty Dollars per boat if paid before the 10th April 2019, or One Hundred Dollars per boat thereafter.  All boats entered into the competition will receive a registration tag.

  2. The competition will be rod and hand line fishing only, in accordance with PIRSA recreational fishing and boating rules.

  3. There will be THREE entry points for all boats in the competition.  The entry points include the Cape Jaffa Marina Boat Ramp, Kingston SE Boat Ramp and Robe Boat Ramp.

  4. The registration tag must be placed in the bucket provided prior to departure at your chosen entry point.  This tag must be collected at the end of days fishing from the Kingston Football Club before 5pm each day.  The buckets will be located at the Cape Jaffa Marina Boat Ramp, Kingston Boat Ramp and Robe Boat Ramp.

  5. All boats can launch from 5:30am onwards however cannot leave from within a 300m vicinity of your chosen entry point until first light at 6:30am.  

  6. No fishing at all is permitted before 6:30am.  Any boats found with line in the water before 6:30am will be disqualified.  This includes bait fishing.

  7. A maximum of three fish per boat in each category of snapper, whiting, garfish to be weighed in each day.  Only one of flathead, mullet or tommy ruff, shark to be weighed in each day.

  8. Immediately after landing your boat the bottom tail fin on all fish must be cut off.  Except those fish to be entered into the competition.

  9. All fish to be entered into the competition are to be kept in prime condition and gutted.  Gills are to be left intact.

  10. At “weigh in” the bottom tail fin will be cut off and fish can then be taken home.

  11. All fish to be entered into the competition must be weighed in at the Kingston Football Club between 2:00pm and 5:00pm of each day.  No fish will be accepted after 5:00pm.

  12. No professional and charter boats to be used in the competition.

  13. All boats must be registered as a recreational boat and abide by all recreational boating and fishing laws.

  14. Random boat checks will be conducted throughout the competition.

  15. Presentations will be at the Kingston Football Clubrooms at 7:30pm both Saturday and Sunday.  All boats must be represented to be eligible to collect prizes.

  16. In the case of a draw in any section, a count back system will be used. ie. the heaviest fish in that category to take first place.

  17. The decision of the weight master and / or committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  18. Any competitor found in breach of these rules will be disqualified.

  19. Any suspected breach of the rules can be reported by phoning 0417 811 665 at any time during the competition.

  20. The major prize will be awarded to the most outstanding combined catch in one of the following categories; snapper, whiting or garfish.  This will be calculated in comparison to the average weight of the last three years, which will be made public on the weekend of the competition.

  21. Safe and happy fishing.

Kingston Football Club Indemnity

  1. It is clearly understood that this entry is accepted on condition that any person or persons connected herewith whilst participating in the contest shall do so at their sole risk.  Any such person or persons shall not claim against the Kingston Football Club Incorporated or any official servant or other persons appointed by or acting on behalf of the said organisers or in connection with the contest, for any injuries suffered by himself/herself or any other person whether or not the same shall be covered or contributed by an act, omission or negligence on the part of the Kingston Football Club Incorporated or any other person or other person or other sponsors or official servant as foresaid.

  2. Every entrant taking part in the ontest shall indemnify the said Kingston Football Club Incorporated or other sponsors or official servants and the other persons foresaid against the claim by any other entrant or other person whom-so-ever for injuries, damages, loss or other claims what-so-ever arising.

  3. The organisers may at any time before the commencement or during the contest refuse to accept and/or reject any entry without assigning any reason thereof and without being in any way what-so-ever liable to any person what-so-ever for doing so.

  4. Participants will be bound by the regulations governing the contest.

  5. I agree to the free use of my name and pictures in broadcasts, telecasts and the media as they pertain to the Kingston Offshore Fishing Competition, pre and post contest.

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